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News Update for the Month of March 2020

February 17,2020
News Update for the Month of March 2020

News Update for the Month of March-2020



Major Achievements of Sustainable Organization for Land Rights & Agrarian Reform (SOLAR):


In the month of March-2020, 94 members of different Peoples Organization applied for housing and agriculture land amounting 12.88 acres. And 23 families’ possessions to khas land for agriculture on amounting of 1.42 acres. In this month 01 woman headed and 01 disable family access to the khas land amounting of 0.16 acres. On the other hand 255 families are involved in Family Farming, preparing organic fertilizer from sweeping substance and seed preservation by the women members. In this month 101 families access to the support services from Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, local Public Health & Engineering, Family Planning and Health departments. On the other hand 18 families are hired land and cultivating by the different Peoples Organization (PO’s) members. 22members of Peoples Organization access to the support-services of the Local Government Institutions for their livelihood purposes. The support services are 04 families got sanitary latrine; 05 families got TW;03families got Old allowance; 06 families got Widow Allowance; 01 family got Disable allowance;02families gotPregnancy Mother Allowance and 01 family got solar panel.On this month 18 families were practicing organic Agriculture, HIP and Vermi compost.13 memorandums have been submitted to the concerned local Government Administration in different right based issues from different PO’s member in this month.08 no’s of PO’s change their status from inactive to partial active and partial to active in this month.


CDA Health Project in Rohingya Camps & Host Communities in Cox’sbazar.

CDA is implementing Health project in Rohingya Camps & Host Communities in UkhiyaUpazila under Cox’sbazar district through supported by HumaniTerra International (HTI), France. CDA started projeg  ct activities from 1st October 2019 in working areas. CDA and HTI are opened a surgical & other health facilities in Goyal Mara, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar (GPS (LAT): 21°09'05.1"N GPS (LONG): 92°09'14.4"E) providing high quality 24/7 emergency obstetrical and general surgical services.  

Achievement for the Month of March’2020: 

  1. IPC training held training conducted by health sector
  2. MSF visited again the clinic for validation purpose.
  3. Attended Health Sector, FH and SRH meetings.
  4. Clinic is providing services 24/7





 5.      General Surgery:  

Screening-308 (F-113, M-195), General Surgery-66 (M-42, F-22): Lipoma, Hydrocele, Hemorrhoidectomy, infected keloid, Abscess, Hernia, Excision of lump, Rt Valve, Nail evaluation, Circumcision, Cystic, Hemargioma, Fbgranuloma, Anal Fissure, Synovial, Ganglion, Fistulectomy, Anal fissure, Sebaceous cyst, PopilitealHemangionma, extern nail skin tag, secondary stitch of wound.

Resources: Gynecologist- 02, Asst. Surgeon -02, Pediatrician / Clinic Manager- 01, Anesthesiologists – 02, Lab. Tech- 01, OT Nurses- 03, Lab. Technologist-01 Midwives- 03, Community Mobilizer- 02

Inclusion Criteria: Stabilization of obstetric emergencies, Elective surgery. Acute Obstetric and gynecological emergencies (Emergency Caesarian section, extra uterine pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia APH, PPH, Hysterectomy).

Exclusion Criteria:   Any complicated obstetric / gynecological emergencies which cannot be managed at field level will be referred after initial stabilization.


Publication of CDA:


In this month, CDA published 20000 copies of JONOCHESTA focusing on People’s Land Rights, Sustainable Agriculture and experiences of Land Rights Movement within the People’s Organization (POs), facilitated by CDA. JONOCHESTA is an effective communication material highlighting evidence based case studies from the field level by their own efforts which applicable for advocacy materials. People’s Organization members are learning from JONOCHESTA to their development initiatives. During the month of March, 3000 copies leaflet published for the International Woman Day observed with a view to disseminate communication material on the International Women Day.


International Women Day Observation:


On the 8th March-2020 all of CDA’s staff celebrates the international women day. In this day all staff of CDA’s & PO members were participated the Rally, discussion meeting, cultural functions in Dinajprur and Thakurgaon district. Besides, village based People Organization members also arranged daylong meeting, rally and cultural Functions and submitted memorandum to Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) at Upozilla level. Especially People’s Organization of Cehalgaji andSaitara’s woman members are arranged a woman mass gathering where they submit their memorandum to the Prime Minister through upazila administration. CDA disseminated leaflet for awareness building on the International Woman Day.



Program Operation Cell (POC) Meeting Held:


During the month 03 no of meetings held in the conference room of CDA dated on 07.03.2020; 14.03.2020; and 21.03.2020. In this meeting all the POC concern members were present and discussed about the CDA’s planned activities of the SOLAR program. The meetings were chaired by Mr. Shah-I-Mobin Jinnah, Executive Director of CDA.



Fortnightly & Monthly Staff Meeting Conducted:


CDA’s Fortnightly & Monthly staff coordination meeting for the month of March held on 15.03.2020 &29.03.2020 at CDA’s conference room of JSI center, Mukundopur, Kaharol, Dinajpur. Regional coordinator from six regions and the entitled staff from program office were present in the meeting. Mr. Tapan Kanti Dey, Deputy Director of CDA chaired the meeting. Monthly target and achievement of six regions were presented through multi-media. The chairperson of the meeting advised the Regional coordinators if there is any deviation it should be achieved in the next fortnightly/monthly.


Participated in external training/workshop by CDA staff:  


One staff personal is attended a training course on “Access to Justice and M&E”  from 9-10March, 2020 at ALRD Training Hall, Dhaka. Participants gathered information about Access to Justice and its M&E systems.  


Training Organize by CDA:


CDA arranged a training course for their staff capacity building in this month. 2 Batches training course organized on “Analytical Report Writing, Case Study Writing and Documentation” held in Jono-Sreejon Institute, Mukundopur, Kaharole, Dinajpur from 09.03.2020 to 12.03.2020  facilitated by Capacity Building Service Group (CBSG)-Dhaka. Total 60 staff personals were participated in the training course. Participants enhanced their knowledge on fundamentals of reporting, core concepts of analytical reporting, methods of different reporting approach, information analysis, case finding & documentation etc. 


Day Observation:


Onthe 17th March all of CDA’s staff and the entire village based People Organization members also arranged daylong meeting, Rally and Cultural Functions at Upazilla and local institute level celebrates the Bangladesh national Children day (Mujib 100 year’s celebration). In this day all staff of CDA’s were attended the Rally and attend the day discussion meeting in Dinajprur and Thakurgaon. CDA arranged a daylong meeting and a cultural function on this occasion. During 100 Years celebration of father of the nation Mujib, CDA documentation cell accumulated the all speeches of Mujib where he mentioned speech in favor of the poor people rights in different events/occasions


Leaflet publication on COVID-19:


CDA disseminated 5000 copies of leaflet to People’s Organization (POs) members in Dinajpur and Thakurgaon districts for building awareness on Virus COVID-19.