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Youth Case Study

Community Development Association (CDA)  initiated and facilitated the youth for reorganizing by themselves for the boarder perspectives and re-strengthened their capacity to institute an united platform of the youth by their own initiatives, where the youth are in a process of building leadership towards ensuring People Cantered Land Governance and with a view to protest against the injustice and securing the tenurial rights to establish the fundamental human rights which includes basically the idea of land rights as the human rights.

These educated youth are now involved as a farmer in profession and some are volunteer workers. However, Most of them mainly work on others people's land. In all, they work about 110 days a year. The rest of the time they spent reading and writing.

Mainly during the Aman catle season (from the end of September to November) and the Eri Catle season (from April to June) they have also their family works. Lack of family support they also engage in various  activities for income.

All these young people are now worried about their future. However, they believes that if they gets any special help, such as financial assistance, training, technology, etc. they will be able to find employment.


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