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 Background of the Organization 


Community Development Association (CDA) is a Non-Government Development Organization registered with the Department of Social Welfare, The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the NGO Affairs Bureau under the office of The Prime Minister’s Office in Bangladesh and have been working with the Landless Rural Poor Men and Women, Youth, Disable, Ethnic Minorities for their poverty reduction and empowerment since 1986 in two northern districts in Bangladesh with the support from different foreign agencies in different time. And HumaniTerra International, France is an international NGO providing surgical support to Jordan and Bangladesh with different NGO’s from 2000.



LOCATION: Goyalmara (Opposite MSF-SPAIN)

INCLUSION for OBs & Gyne

Stabilization of Obstetric Emergencies.

Acute Obstetric & Gynecological emergencies.(Emergency Caesarian Section, extra uterine pregnancy, pre- eclampsia, eclampsia, APH , PPH, Hysterectomy)

•Inclusion for Surgery,

Hernia Umbilical, Hernia Inguinal,Hydrocele,Hemorrhoid,Abscess,Lipoma,FISTULA,Appendicitis,Circumcision(If Surgical Indication)


Scope of Work (Field Hospital), Ukhiya:

Introduction of your 24/7 Field Hospital (CDA- Poly Clinic) under Ukhia upazila.

CDA/HTI (HumaniTerra International / Surgeons of the World, France) in partnership have opened a surgical clinic in Goyal Mara, Ukhiya in December 2019.

We are providing high quality 24/7 emergency obstetrical care and general surgical services, mentored by visiting international / French surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and midwives to both the Rohingya refugees and the host communities especially focus on CEmONC services. We provided 24/7 cesarean section referred by other NGOs in the camp

HR & Services overview of mentioned Field Hospital (CDA-Polyclinic)

Human Resources

  • Gynecologist:02

Assistant Surgeon:02


Clinic manager+ pediatrician:01

Lab. Tech. :02

OT Nurses:04


Community mobilizer:01

Word Boy: 03

Cleaner :03

Finance and Admin :01

Log and Procurement associate :01

MIS associate : 01

Director : 01


Services Status (FH in Ukhiya) 

Some complicated cases done in our clinic

Nur Begum ,Age-18 ,Dx- 1st gravida with Eclampsia, BP-170/120,with Fetal distress & deep meconium stained with post eclamptic convulsion.

Management :

*Blood Pressure was controlled by using antihypertensive drug GTN – single bolus dose.

*Convulsion was controlled by diazepam & magnesium sulfate.

Sabera, Age 30, Dx-  gravida with bronchial asthma with fetal distress with obstructed labour deep meconium stained.


§Patient was nebulized with salbutamol.
§inj. Corticosteroid in I/V route.
§Baby was managed by following standard guideline. 
Challenges :
Fund constrain
Space limitation for inpatient facilities
Delayed referral
Availability of blood
Lack of ICU facility