CDA’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


CDA’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) stand for addressing two reasons such as Community education & employment and Organizational interpretation widely.  ICT is focus on training for youth and solve unemployment issues. CDA’s ICT center established on 20th April 2008 and Registration confirmed by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) dated 1st July 2008 and vide register13135 JSI-ICT-13135. Organizational interpretation widely stands for Information/data, Communication, Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology. Currently CDA’s ICT iss providing training to rural youth/students through JSI-ICT training center in Mukundapur, Rampur, Kaharole Upazila, Dinajpur and maintaining organizational communication technology, inventory management, data management, management information system & all IT equipment & networking management & digitalization of organizational document etc. ICT section includes the range of hardware and software devices, computers, assistive technology, scanners, digital cameras, multimedia and databank.



  • Strengthened information Governance within the Organization.



Ø  To maximize the organizational capacity through ICT.

Ø  To create skill of rural youth/students through ICT education.

Ø  To increase staff productivity & enhance learning through ICT.

Ø  To increase organizational capacity through ICT interpretation widely.


ICT Stakeholders:

Ø  Rural people

Ø  Students

Ø  Different organizations; GO & NGO

Ø  Union Parishad

Ø  Upazila Parishad


Information users of ICTs:

Ø  Global people

Ø  Students

Ø  Different organizations.

Ø  Networking organizations

Ø  Donor Agencies 


Ø  Embassies

Ø  Govt. Officials. 

Ø  Policy makers.


Applied Methods/Tools of ICTs:

The methodology followed for assessing ICT impacts includes three (3) steps:

Ø  Define the scope of the ICT assessment;

Ø  Prepare the ICT assessment;

Ø  Measure the ICT impacts.


Activities of ICT:

Ø  Always designing & develop new ICT System.

Ø  Regular need base Computer activities short session

Ø  Always up to date the news/ events CDA’s website, Social network news, Data bank.

Ø  Making video documentaries, case studies ,capturing  photos & videos

Ø  Establishing linkage with national and international level organizations.

Ø  Support Technical support for system.

Ø  Facilitate to develop ICT education/training center for the rural people through CDA’s Jon Sreejon Institute (JSI/ICT).