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Community Development Association (CDA) is a Non-Government Development Organization (NGDO) to aid the rural community in right based approach. CDA is working for the development and empowerment of the landless poor, Indigenous People (IP) & ethnic minorities& people with disabilities in Dinajpur and Thakurgaon districts. CDA is mobilizing rural landless poor men and women by providing training and facilitate development issues. The landless poor and marginalized people are being united in the form of Peoples Organization (PO). PO is village based organization for demanding their rights. Poor people don’t have access to the law & don’t get the benefits of the law. This is one of the challenges facing landless poor (men & women), IPs & Ethnic minorities in the Society. In principle the law is protecting people from harm, risk, illegal activities & violation etc. but what is happening for those who don’t have power & access to the law to bring in some of its benefits? The answer to that question is central to poor people livelihood context, land grabbing, and eviction from the land is the violation human rights. In Order to access a fair and equitable justice for poor and deprived families of People Organization, Legal Aid is essential mechanism that enables the poor and the vulnerable sector in CDA working areas.  According to the Legal Aid Service Act, 2000, Legal Aid suggests the assistance in terms of legal advice, Legal education & awareness, lawyers’ fees, litigation costs and other incidental expenses provide to the economically disadvantaged populations those who for various socio economic considerations including IPs and minorities are unable to access justice.


Considering development and pressure of population growth context, rising national demand for land and natural resources has made protection of community lands and natural resources an urgent priority toward ensuring poor people land rights. CDA provides legal aid in both land related civil and criminal cases including human rights. As a result landless people are getting khas land and justice. CDA is carrying out of legal aid activities in working areas. Separate Legal Aid Cell has been established which leading with Legal Aid Officer and District Panel Lawyers.

Goal: Established People Centered Land Governance.


·         To ensure the access of landless in the Khasland/public land

·         To protect land rights defenders.

·         To protect human rights defenders.

·         To Protect vulnerable landless (men and women), IPs, ethnic minorities& people with disabilities.



·         Landless poor men and women

·         Ethnic minorities

·         Indigenous Peoples (IPs)

·         People with disabilities

·         Land Rights Defenders.

·         Environment Rights Defenders.



·         Fact findings

·         Victim identification

·        Need Assessment of Victims

·        Coordination with local government administrative officials.

·        Coordination with Panel Lawyers

·        Litigation /case file in the Court

·        Advocacy & networking like-minded organization.

·         Legal advice

·         Legal education & awareness.

·         Lawyers’ fees

·         Litigation costs and other incidental expenses.


Type of Legal Aid:

·         To Provide Free Aid to Landless

·         Provide legal information

·         Conducting Civil/Criminal cases on Khas land Dispute

·         Take part in ADR

·         Follow up legal complexities

·         Legal Counseling

·         To make legal policy

·         Legal data scattering

·         To arrange legal movement

·         Linkage with other related NGO

·         To provide legal support to reserve organizational interest etc