Management Information system (MIS) 



Community Development Association (CDA) started development activities since 1986 with a view to mobilize rural landless poor. During the initial, mobilization & integration stage, CDA did not started to explore & develop computerized Management Information System (MIS) through using technology to improve programming & poor lives.  CDA program coverage area was limited in earlier stage.  In that time managing the information and computer resources are not use more & limited demand for getting strategic advantage by set up separate MIS in organizational level.  Now CDA has significant program coverage area, existence of the characterized of relevant useful information, more programs and development context. Considering the present information & communication perspective of global context, CDA needs to generate systematic information for ensuring effective & efficient decision for leading towards prosperity of the organization.  Availability of scope, CDA decided to set up separate MIS desk under Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) during the year 1992. CDA’s MIS are functioning to achieve organizational program & management needs.


Goal:   Strengthened communication, system, planning, development and implementation.


·        To take decision for ensuring qualitative measure of program activities.

·        To organize knowledge base information.

·        To collect short term and long term operational feedback.

·        To keep computer base project data and results.


Applied Methods/Tools of MIS:

The methodology followed for assessing MIS impact includes three (3) steps:

·        Technology

·        Information, and

·        People.


Activities of MIS:

·  Preserve raw data(information) after convert to electronic  data Information as a resource.

·  Use database/databank basic features to preserve organizational information.

·  Facilitates  to develop /Promotes learning or training system.

 · Generates new tools/format to develop/support organization.

 · Maintain Member Coodification process & delivers appropiate news update, reports to organization

 · Combine/compiles all kinds of reports & information in automate formulative processes.

· Establishing linkage with national and international level organizations & interpersonal communication.

· Facilitates technical & organizational support for better system.



MIS follow-up mechanism:

· Data cross checking with MIS coordinator and Field Monitor.

· Ensuring feedback for corrective measure during the all Data compile.

· Cross checking with yearly planning target.

· Compare with yearly target & budget.

· Cross checking with Unit Achievement register.