Youth Empowerment

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Youth Empowerment

Community Development Association (CDA) is a highly secular, non-partisan-non-Government Development Organization (NGDO) established in the year 1985-1986 in North Western Part of  Bangladesh CDA gradually has been shifted its position as a Right based Organization now working with poor, landless and marginal farmers along with the plain land indigenous people (IP) including the differently able men, women & youth with a view to empower, ensure and secure access to land Rights from its inception. The Present scenario, visualize the needs of youth in relations to land the  changes   around   the   World,   including  Globalization,  Urbanization,  Migration,  Climate  and  Technological  advancement,  amongst  other  issues. Today, 87% of youth live in rural areas in our country. In this aspect CDA designed a program “YOUTH IN LAND AND HUMAN RIGHTS in Bangladesh”.


      Producing and disseminating knowledge products

      Curricula development

      Capacity building on grassroots for rural youth.

      Meetings, Capacity buildings activities

      Knowledge management activities.

Organizational Initiatives:

ü  Facilitated them to organizing for strengthened their capacity.

ü   To institute an united platform, where the youth are in a process of building leadership towards ensuring People Cantered Land Governance and with a view to protest against the injustice and securing the tenure Rights to establish the fundamental human rights.

ü   Trained them for how to conduct:  

    - meeting, take own community decision

    - Communicate different dept. of local government officials

    - Submit demand through memorandum

    - Inspire on farming, social awareness building, also facilitate to connect them different international level learning labs.

Youth Initiatives:

ü  Transformation Strategy and working together for transform individuals, institutions.

ü   Raise voice for awareness building to eliminate social discrimination and Climate action.

ü  Communication with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

ü   Awareness building on different issue

ü   Submit Memorandum.

ü   Start savings system

ü  Joint undertaking project.

ü   Local Marketing creation.