News Updates for the month of October to December 2022

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by Md.Admin

9:37 PM
09 Aug 2022

News Updates for the month of October to December 2022

Major Achievements of SOLAR Pogram:

In the month of October 2022 to December 2023, 243 nos. members of Peoples Organization access to the support-services of the Local Government Institutions for their livelihood purposes, such as Widow allowance: 03 member, Disable allowance: 10 member, Pregnancy Mother Allowance: 0 member, 40 Day Work: 194 member, Solar panel: 0 member, Sanitary Latrine: 15 member, Tube well: 21 member. In this 3 month 402 families are involved in Family Farming, preparing organic fertilizer from sweeping substance and seed preservation by the women 180 members. By facilitation of CDA 1333 PO member got access to the support services from Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, local Public Health & Engineering, Family Planning and Health departments, access to electricity. On the other hand 60 families are hired land and cultivating by the different Peoples Organization’s (PO’s) members. 257 families were practicing organic Agriculture, HIP and Vermi compost. 30 PO’s members have started Fish Culture in Mini pond and 864 trees are planted by PO member and 72 families have submitted application for KHAS land (housing, agriculture, water body, government housing) amounting of 9.00 acres.


Program Operation Cell (POC) Meeting Held:

Program Operation Cell (POC) meetings of CDA are held every week to speed up the activities of CDA and achieve the targets. 13 POC meetings were held in the last three months (October-December'2022) in the Conference Room of CDA Central Office. In the meeting, presence of members of Program Operation Cell, plans accepted on various important issues including management, land rights and land reforms. Some important decisions have taken in view of the plan.

Fortnightly & Monthly Staff Meeting Conducted:

Fortnightly staff coordination meetings are 3 and monthly staff coordination meetings are 3 total six staff coordination meeting were held during the last three months (October-December'2022) in the conference room of CDA’s Training Center JON SREEJON Institute (JSI). Executive Director, Deputy Director, all managers, regional coordinators and program officers were present in the meeting. These meetings had organized to analyze the monthly progress report and presented the recommendations for the next monthly action plan. In the meeting, Monthly target and achievement of five regions had presented through multi-media. In the meeting, various important issues related to the program have discussed; reviewed/follow-up, decisions and necessary steps had taken to accelerate the program. 


Publication of CDA:

Last three months (October-December'2022), CDA published some advocacy & communication materials such as,  52000 copies of JONOCHESTA, 1000 copy of CDA Barta, 3600 copies of poster, 4000 copy leaflet, 3000 copy service charge format, 39 pieces festoon-banner.  


38th Annual General Meeting of CDA

The 38th Annual General Meeting of CDA was held on 24 December 2022 in the conference room of the central office of CDA. The meeting was presided over by the honorable Chairman of the association, Advocate Md. Azizul Islam. Members of the general council were present in the meeting. The work progress reports of the last one year were presented.  


The 142rd Executive Committee meeting of CDA

The 142nd meeting of the Executive Committee held on 12 November 2022 at the conference room of Community Development Association (CDA). The Chairman of CDA Advocate Md. Azizul Islam presided over the meeting .On that meeting The Vice Chairman of CDA Mr.Manowarul Islam, Member Secretary/Executive Director Mr. Shah-I-Mobin Jinnah, Treasurer Ms. Selina Begum, Executive Member Ms.Rashida Khatun, Professor Dr. Saiful Huda (PHD), Md. Mostak Hossain Chowdhury, Shefat- E- Jahan (Sheu) were present. Various issues of the program of CDA had discussed and some decisions had taken in light of the implementation of the program during that meeting.


Day Observation of CDA

In the last three months (October-December 2022) CDA observed International Autism Day, Victory Day, World Human Rights Day, and International Rural Women Day. These days celebrated through various programs in the working areas of CDA. Discussion meetings based on the days were organized in the conference room at the central office.

CDA Participate Information Fair, 2022

On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, Information Fair-2022 organized by Conscious Citizens Committee (SANAK) and with the cooperation of Dinajpur District Administration was held on December 6-7, 2022 at the institute premises of Dinajpur city .A stall is provided in the fair to showcase the activities of CDA. A crest was presented to the CDA as a token of appreciation by the organizing committee for participating in the fair.


Training Organized by CDA:

CDA organized a training: "Participatory strategic planning (PSP)'. All staff of CDA has participated here and the training supported by Bread for the World. Training was held in 16th to 18th November, 2022 at the conference room of CDA's Central Training Center JON SREEJON (JSI).


Regional Coordinator of ILC visited in CDA

On December 11, 2022 International Land Coalition (ILC) Regional Coordinator Mirgul Emanaliva visited in CDA. A short meeting was organized in the conference room of CDA central office. On that meeting she introduced everyone and gave a brief discussion about his work in ILC. Then, December 12, 2022, she visited the CDA's working area. Pallab Chakma, Executive Director of Kapang Foundation, was also present in her visit.